A partnership serves us all

ElinarAI is available to our technology partners for resale and distribution. We offer full development and deployment support for your AI projects. We also support a “Black Box” approach; you can take Elinar technology and brand it as your own.

Elinar currently has a large number of “product seeds” that we encourage our partners to build into full industry/topic-specific repeatable products. We have also proven the technology we use. So now we are looking for partners that possess deep industry knowledge and a vision of how to capitalize on it on a large scale.

Examples of current partner product capabilities:

  • Privacy data mining (cross-industry)
  • Legal resolution analysis (legal)
  • Medical records redaction (medical)
  • Senior citizen home care report analytics (social services)
  • Medical diagnostic support (medical)
  • Invoice → accounting (financial services)

A partnership is a strategic growth area for Elinar in the next few years, so don’t hesitate to contact us for an in-depth discussion!

Elinar's Account Manager Tiina Makkonen
Tiina Makkonen

Account Manager
+358 50 361 1038

We're looking for new partners to cooperate with us.

Partnering with Elinar

ElinarAI can be embedded into virtually any business process to increase efficiency when there is “human on the loop”. This means that our partners can AI enable almost any existing product or custom solution.

When to consider ElinarAI to be embedded in your product or service?

Our strength is the capability to understand unstructured data. We can automate into a high degree virtually any business challenge where a human must understand and react to unstructured data. Customers who have tried traditional text analytics often feel depressed as the results are typically “sub-optimal”. The major strength of ElinarAI is that we combine traditional text analytics (Like ElinarNER or IBM Watson® NLU) with deep learning. This allows our partners to augment existing processes, systems and RPA solutions with state-of-the-art AI that can speed up processes and help RPA to automatically handle much longer processes.

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Elinar collaborated with Aigine to create a unique, repeatable and highly scalable solution to ensure that businesses globally can ensure compliance with the GDPR with regard to unstructured data and the required legal basis for storing such data. Read more…