Migrating your content with speed, ease and confidence – We offer services that allow customers to migrate data from old repository into new fast and easy. We will handle everything from requirements specification to final delivery testing using our proven processes and tooling.

Migrations can be categorized into three main categories:

  1. Content to content migration: From existing content repository into new.
  2. Legacy data to content archive migration: Legacy database application is being decommissioned, but contains critical business data.
  3. IBM Document Manager migration: We have long history with IBM Document Manager and we are one of the few partners who can do efficient migration into Content Navigator platform.

Migration is delivered always as a service project due customer specific nature of content and data migrations.

1. Content Repository to content

Repository migration

Elinar tooling allows content migration from following repositories:

  • IBM Content Manager, Enterprise Edition (CM8)
  • IBM Content Manager (P8)
  • IBM Content Manager OnDemand
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • IBM Quickr (both Java and Domino versions)
  • IBM Connections
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • CIMS compatible repositories
  • Legacy arhives like Mobius, Control-D and MultiArchive
  • IBM Content Integrator supported Repositories
  • Any other content source can be supported, but might require easy-to-write connector module to be developed

We can process any supported archive, apply schema and user mapping as needed, use optional content classification / content analytics to obtain new/changed metadata and then store content into new repository.

Target Repositories

We can can migrate content into following repositories:

  • IBM Content Manager, Enterprise Edition (CM8)
  • IBM Content Manager (P8)
  • IBM Content Manager OnDemand
  • IBM Connections
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • CIMS compatible repositories
  • IBM Content Integrator supported Repositories

Obtaining content migration service

Services are available globally. Migration tooling is not sold separately; we are able to offer most cost efficient way to migrate data by providing this as productized service. Our pricing structure is following: One time fee for Migration tool + Migration Services Work = Hassle free cost efficient migration.


2. Legacy to content migration

Legacy databases contain business critical information that must be retained for a long time. Owning and maintaining legacy databases can cause significant expenses

Our service allows archival of virtually any legacy database (we do also Cobol) into IBM Content Manager. Migrating data from legacy systems allows safe decommissioning of the servers, data is converted into documents and stored into IBM ECM repository for long term archival and retention. By moving from legacy data into IBM ECM -based repository it is possible to give users significantly enhanced user experience and usability using IBM Content Navigator.

Procedure to migrate a legacy database is straightforward:

  1. Identify valuable data in the database
  2. Develop mapping from data->Meaningful business entities to be archived
  3. Develop presentation for archive data (=Document templates)
  4. Map data using Elinar Migration Tool
  5. Run conversion
  6. Configure user access using IBM Content Navigator
  7. Test

3. IBM Document Manager migration

Document Manager solutions can be migrated into IBM Content Navigator or Case Manager.

We have a long history with IBM Document Manager (DM). This allows us to migrate customer environments into more modern browser based user experience provided by IBM Content Navigator.

A migration project

Typical migration project has following steps:

  1. Analyze current DM solution
  2. Make gap analysis on current and new functionality
  3. Develop plan to fill gaps using Navigator plugins and other software
  4. Develop new solution design on Content Navigator or Case Manager
  5. Migrate Data using Elinar Migrator Tool
  6. Test & Roll-out new solution
  7. Re-energize the solution by enabling new capabilities available on modern platform

Contact us and let’s map out your needs.

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