Elinar collaborated with Swedish company called Aigine to create an unique, repeatable and highly scalable solution to ensure that businesses world wide can ensure compliance to GDPR regulation in regards to unstructured data and required legal basis for storing such data. This is a major compliance issue for nearly all businesses and public sector organizations. With help of world leading IBM and Elinar technology up-to 98% of human labor can be eliminated from this mandatory workload!

Elinar has packaged ElinarAI with IBM StoredIQ to crawl and analyze terabytes of unstructured data for Personal Information. When Privacy Data is identified Aigine Unstructured Data Inventory Engine launches AI Assisted workflow where Data Owner(s) can then assess the legal basis for storing or removing such information.

Solution uses powerful Cognitive Collaborative Learning to increase accuracy and capabilities over time.

Unique packaging and delivery model; Solution can be deployed at client data center in two (2) hours!

Solution is immediately available on Nordic markets trough extensive re-seller network; World Wide Availability will follow shortly.

Aigine Unstructured Data Inventory Engine is sold using a monthly subscription model that is based on number of employees within an organization. Prices start from 2063 € / month + VAT.

More information from Ari Juntunen
ari at elinar dot com

Karl-Oskar Brännström
karl-oskar dot bransstrom at aigine dot se