Elinar’s solution for improving Courtroom efficiency

Courtrooms around the world are struggling with improving their Efficiency, Accuracy/Correctness of the Resolutions and Traceability. They need to manage and understand a huge amount of information – from old court cases to the latest legislation. Decision fairness, archive management, inefficient workflow, and endless paperwork because of bureaucracy… All of this can be improved with a higher level of automation that Elinar provides – all in one go.

We provide a solid foundation for courtroom Case Management. Our solution is to combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) with leading IBM Middleware. IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) offers many capabilities that courtrooms need for their everyday tasks. Here are some examples of what BAW does:

  • Express complex workflows.
  • Modeling of different case types and related information.
  • Assignment and re-assignment of work to court personnel based on roles and automate business rules.
  • Combating corruption and protecting court employees through the complete traceability of all actions.
  • Seamless and secure communication between organizations. For example, from police and prosecution to courts, and from courts to criminal corrections facilities and social services.
Elinar’s solution: Justice specific Case Management

Elinar has launched a Justice specific Case Management for improving courtroom efficiency. The solution includes a specific Data Model that combines suspect – criminal act relationship with underlying workflows for an extremely high level of transparency and traceability. Each combination can and must be judged separately. Also, Knowledge Management becomes easier when judges can see similar cases and decisions within the system. Elinar solution guarantees that once the case has been entered into the system everything regarding the case is audited with complete history data.

Following the decision of a judge, the software will automatically share the case information with all relevant parties. The users don’t need to take care of archiving because the software does it automatically, too. All of the publishing and/or archiving is based on the privacy and administration laws, of course.

Easily changeable Business Rules

The solution includes Business Rules. It helps to automate and maintain various tasks on both national and local levels. At the national level, you can use Business Rules, for example, to automate calculations fine. Judges can adjust the recommended value for each case. Of course, they can easily adapt it depending on how legislation changes.

At the local level, the users of the software can use Business Rules to route specific jobs to specific court employees based on their unique expertise as an example. During the vacations, they can change these Business Rules dynamically by using the Excel interface. So, no coding or difficult configuration needed.

Automated Courtroom Scheduling

There are typically multiple resources to schedule for the proper workings of a court. (Courtroom, AV, Judges, Jurors, Clerks, Inmate holding areas, Security and many more…) Automated Courtroom Scheduling allows highly optimized outcomes for the use of courtroom resources. Schedule optimization is a computationally challenging procedure. Elinar uses advanced AI algorithms from CI Computational Intelligence to achieve optimized scheduling outcomes. These optimized results are typically 5-10 % better than what best humans can achieve. Essentially, we estimate up to 10 % better performance of the court system for just using extremely clever algorithms to automate scheduling.

Utilizing ElinarAI in court

ElinarAI with IBM Watson Explorer will increase Judge productivity dramatically

Together ElinarAI with IBM Watson Explorer will increase Judge productivity dramatically. ElinarAI can create a human-like understanding regarding Law and previous cases. This understanding can then be applied to all aspects of law and to previous cases. Judges will have easy access to all cases related to the case they are working with.

For example, in cases of money laundering suspicions, ElinarAI can go through all the evidence and highlight possible links between departments. After that, the judge can quickly get a better overview of the prosecution’s evidence.

Case Onboarding and automated capture

An integral part of effective case management is the ability to automate data transfer to the software. ElinarAI, combined with IBM Datacap, enables high-level data entry automation. It reduces the burden on Office staff, as people are no longer required to write and copy data – just scanning papers what needed. The software automatically extracts the required metadata for proper filing – humans just approved the extracted metadata. The solution works with both paper and electronic documents.

Built on top of Industry-Leading IBM Automation Software

For the best results of improving courtroom efficiency, Elinar expertise has once again been combined with world-leading IBM Middleware, including:

  • IBM_Business Automation Workflow (Case Management and Workflows)
  • IBM_Operational Decision Manager (Business Rules)
  • IBM_Datacap & IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer (Capture)
  • IBM_Enterprise Records (Archiving)
  • IBM_Watson Explorer (Deep Hands-On understanding of Law and Legal Case History)

More information:
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