While sitting in the cool airconditioned office you do not realize how warm weather has cherished Finns. Step by step we have received reliefs on restrictions and recommendations which were introduced over the last winter. Now the requisites are most favorable, and we can devote ourselves on celebrating Midsummer and the vacation period.

Past winter has been challenging in many ways and treated companies as well as organizations very differently. Some have got totally new opportunities; some have defended what they have and eliminated all unnecessary functions. And despite off all measurable action there are also those that had to give up. There have been factors leading to the current state that no one could forecast over a year ago. We need to put focus to the future and continue building it from our own behalf.

In the society and business, we have searched new ways of normal procedures during the spring. We have identified which policies are working and can be taken into the future. However more relevant is to become aware of both old habits that can be left behind and forced practices that we do not need at all. As we all are social creatures the need for face-to-face meetings have come evident in many forums. I believe that new era of get together events will be activated after the vacation period.

It is very rewarding to realize how the investments on ElinarAI solutions starts to bring profit. Despite the challenge’s organizations have been facing on decision making, the need for AI optimize operations has not gone anywhere. I am very pleased with the commitment and stretch that “elinarians” have shown during the ElinarAI development along the everyday business. However, the journey has just started and there are challenges to be win.

Despite the vacation period in Finland, the world around us will not rest. It is important though, that during our time off each one of us will relax and recover. Spend some time with friends and family enjoying summer.

On behalf of Elinar and myself, I wish pleasant summer for our customers, partners and “elinarians”.

– Mikko Hörkkö