As the Nordic summer is at its best, it is a good moment to give little thought to past spring.

Many things have happened in the world, and you don’t have to be a fortune teller to say that in both good and bad only the change is permanent.

The worldwide pandemic affected everything for almost two years and finally, there were found ways to mitigate the restrictive measures. And suddenly the next moment we saw the war begin in Europe. There have been consequences on both the business side and in private life. In some cases, large-scale adaptation measures have been required and, in some others, new opportunities have opened. So, what is our ability to respond to or adapt to future changes? Unfortunately, we cannot say the situation is returning to normal as the new normal has already changed.

The wind of change has required our active involvement and at Elinar we have invested in building the brand. We want to highlight our ability to improve the automation level in business processes with AI solutions capable of processing unstructured data. We are also investing in building a network of partners by offering our products to other players in the industry so that they can enrich their offerings to their customers.

Autumn comes with changes, whether we want it or not. Before that let’s take a break from working routines, and enjoy the summer and the variety of opportunities it offers.

I wish all the people of Elinar, as well as Elinar’s partners, a pleasant summertime.

– Mikko Hörkkö