Again, spring has passed by, and summer is showing its best. We are approaching the summer vacation period and some lucky ones have already started their leaves.

In technology forums and discussions, one topic has frequently come up. That is OpenAI’s ChatGPT, it’s potential as well as threats. There are given examples when students have used ChatGPT to write their thesis or the coder has asked ChatGPT to write code for a program or other. In the future how do we know what is created by humans and what is the result of Artificial Intelligence?

Like ChatGPT, there are a great number of automation tools that are presented as AI. In the past years in Elinar, we have been developing “Deep Transfer Learning” based AI solution. ElinarAI can make sense of unstructured data, like in documents and records, the same way a human would. The strengths of our solution are the training data specifically used for the defined business process to increase the quality. As well as the data privacy and information security requirements of the organizations.

One of our customers, Algol Chemicals has successfully introduced ElinarAI in their business activities. Algol Chemicals automatized the chemical certification handling process with AI from receiving the certificates all the way to sending the required and specified content to end customers.

Currently, all businesses private and public are worried about the shortage of skilled workers and the number of new resources each branch would need in coming years. At the same time, we acknowledge the fact that in the coming years, the age groups will be smaller. Despite the potential immigration, there will be less skilled labor available. With Deep Transfer Learning AI solutions, we can automate manual steps in administrative and business processes, that would release human interaction to more value add and productive work. To overcome this challenge, it needs much more than yearning for more resources. We need to do things smarter and focus human know-how and intelligence on tasks where we humans are better than machines.

Increasing automation levels and process automation are ways to boost performance. AI created to specifically certain task is a good tool for this. With solutions utilizing AI, we are able to process a great amount of repeatable tasks requiring a lot of working time from humans without essential value add and which are prone to mistakes when getting bored or tired. With AI we can easily automate 80% of the process. Still, there would be plenty of cases, where AI cannot find a match or is insecure about the result, that is needed for a human to process. Now it is time to get excited and find out where AI would bring value to add easily and fast.

On behalf of Elinar and myself, I wish a wonderful and relaxing summer for our customers, partners, and “elinarians”.

-Mikko Hörkkö

Managing Director