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Intelligent Invoice Accounting

Intelligent invoice accounting

The demo shows how you can automate invoice accounting! Companies spend up to hundreds of man-years on manual work like accounting, even if it is possible to handle by Artificial Intelligence (AI). ElinarAI™ -solution does the manual tasks faster, sharper, and cheaper. This intelligent invoice accounting can be used in any industry. ElinarAI™ has the […]

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AI combines payments and open invoices

Elinar uses AI to combine payments and open invoices 

Our customer’s business challenge was to combine incoming payments to open invoices due to incorrect and incomplete reference numbers. This problem occurred with international companies, especially. After implementing Elinar’s AI solution, the degree of automation in invoice processing will grow from 40 % to 80 %. Background Many companies are struggling with the problem, that […]

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AI processes invoices more precision than a human

AI processes invoices with more precision than a human

Invoices are still processed manually when the use of AI could make the process faster and more cost-efficient. Usually, companies process invoices manually, not by AI. It is understandable because companies can get multiple invoices in different formats. Then no-one might see the automated process very realistic. Manual work can easily waste valuable working resources, […]

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