The demo shows how you can automate invoice accounting!

Companies spend up to hundreds of man-years on manual work like accounting, even if it is possible to handle by Artificial Intelligence (AI). ElinarAI™ -solution does the manual tasks faster, sharper, and cheaper. This intelligent invoice accounting can be used in any industry.

ElinarAI™ has the following abilities:

  • It gives you a more accurate cost analysis without human errors.
  • You will save your workers valuable working time.
  • Your company will stop wasting money.
  • The solution allows 95+% automation on invoice accounting.
The new demo available

Elinar has now launched a demo that lets you follow how AI takes care of invoice accounting in seconds. Test our free demo to see step by step how our solution will do invoice accounting for you automatically in a few minutes!ElinarAI combines your incoming invoice data into a single data stream

In the demo, you will see how the ElinarAI captures, validates, and enriches data from example invoices. Sometimes it needs verification from a user to learn. In the end, the data will be moved into an accounting system. Test it yourself and go to the demo.

Benefits of the intelligent invoice accounting by ElinarAI™
  • Correctly captured invoice items with a success rate of 90%.
  • Gave the financial information to CFO 3-4 days faster.
  • Directly accounted items saved 30 minutes of manual work.
  • ROI <2 months.
Used technologies:
  • ElinarAI is our own product. It has been successfully in use for years now, in different companies and industries.
  • IBM Datacap©  is well-known software all over the world. As an IBM Gold Business Partner, we offer a wide range of IBM’s technologies and licenses.
More information:
Elinar's CTO Ari Juntunen, specialist in augment and automating with AI

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Chief Technology Officer
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