Author: Elinar

How AI can help with data analytics?

Most corporations already use the three types of data analytics: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. They extract patterns from their data and build mathematical models to better understand what has happened, what will happen, and what they should do next. The process they use is typically some combination of statistical methods, computational tools, and human cognition. […]

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Elinar Selected for IBM’s Watson Build Challenge

PORI – 12 Sept 2017: IBM selected Elinar in phase two of the Watson Build challenge. We developed a cognitive business plan, GDPR AI Miner, into a working prototype using IBM Watson APIs on the IBM Cloud. IBM will provide Elinar with access to IBM development tools, business mentors and cognitive specialists to bring its […]

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Watson Summit 2017

IBM Helsinki Watson Summit 2017

Elinar has been participating IBM BusinessConnect in Helsinki previous years. This year the cognitive business journey will continue at Helsinki Watson Summit 2017 in Messukeskus on Wednesday 18.10. This free event is the highlight of the year. Below read in Finnish some of the program. Then register yourself in. Elinar is located at the booth […]

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CTO Ari speaking about deep learning in Nvidia

GDPR discovery with deep learning at Nvidia GPU confrerence

Our CTO Ari speaks about deep learning at Nvidia GPU tech conference on 10.10.2017 in Munich. The topic is about GDPR discovery using text mining. EU new privacy regulation requires all companies to understand what personal information they hold about EU citizens. They also need consent from each person to keep holding such information. In […]

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Predictive powers are essential for running a successful business

We all have predictive powers We can create hypothetical future scenarios in our minds, estimate probabilities, and make forecasts. Without these abilities, life would be an endless string of surprises. But, it isn’t. The world around us consists of patterns that we are able to model and simulate with some level of accuracy. These predictive […]

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We are among the finalists for Global Awards for Excellence in Case Management

The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) Global Awards for Case Management recognizes and focuses on successful use cases within Adaptive Case Management. Case Management represents an adaptive approach to support knowledge workers in today’s leading-edge organizations. ACM provides secure, social collaboration to create and adapt goal-oriented activities. It is enable to inform decision-making using federated business data […]

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GDPR with AI as competitive advantage

Like many companies today, you may be concerned about the GDPR regulations hitting us all in 2018. However, could these regulations be good for the business too? We believe they can and explained how at two seminars held in Helsinki and Oslo. One of our clients saves up to 50 % work effort using advanced […]

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