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How AI can help with data analytics?

Most corporations already use the three types of data analytics: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. They extract patterns from their data and build mathematical models to better understand what has happened, what will happen, and what they should do next. The process they use is typically some combination of statistical methods, computational tools, and human cognition. […]

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GDPR with AI as competitive advantage

Like many companies today, you may be concerned about the GDPR regulations hitting us all in 2018. However, could these regulations be good for the business too? We believe they can and explained how at two seminars held in Helsinki and Oslo. One of our clients saves up to 50 % work effort using advanced […]

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GDPR with AI for enterprise

Many large enterprises are facing significant challenges on GDPR Discovery process in complex enterprise environments poses significant challenges. The challenge comes from multiple unconnected consumer identities across IT systems to old legacy databases with very little documentation…and too much Cobol. On the other hand even modern archives host large volumes of image based data that […]

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IBM World of Watson 2016: Cognitive will take over all business

We attended this huge IBM event along with 17 000 other participants in Las Vegas The event was all about – you guessed it – IBM Watson artificial intelligence and about cognitive business in general. We heard about how cognitive solutions and artificial intelligence are used at various industries. We heard many interesting use cases […]

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future painting Edvard Munch style by AI

Artificial intelligence paints our future

Artificial intelligence paints our future The industry is transforming more and more into analytics and cognitive driven model. It is expected that in developed countries 7 000 000 “white collar” workers will be replaced by AI solutions in the next 3 years. Convolutional neural networks enable computer AI to make human-like large scale decisions with […]

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