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Ari Juntunen

Elinar is focused on strong partner network in 2022

2021 Wrap-up Work on ElinarAI was continuous in 2021, several major customers went into production with highly advanced deep Document AI solutions. Significant portion of development effort was spent on Deep Transfer Learning. Deep Transfer Learning is a practice where we pre-train models with vast amounts of data in unsupervised manner. After pre-training, a customer […]

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ElinarAI: Moving from Deep Learning into Deep Transfer Learning

ElinarAI has been very successful in past years on solving various different unstructured data related challenges, including Accounts Payable / Sales Order Automation, Medical Records Sensemaking and various Legal Issues like GDPR/Privacy and automated analysis of Legal Cases. Our Initial approach was to combine highly advanced ElinarNER (Elinar Named Entity Recognizer) with Deep Learning to […]

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On the road - Elinar upcoming events

IBM PowerAI roadshow in the Nordics

Elinar is again traveling with IBM at Nordic PowerAI roadshow from 10th to 14th April. This time it is much more about live demos and not so much PowerPoints. It is still all about IBM PowerAI and how to use the specific IBM tools to facilitate everything Deep Learning. Since we’ve got a lot of […]

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CTO Ari speaking about deep learning in Nvidia

GDPR discovery with deep learning at Nvidia GPU confrerence

Our CTO Ari speaks about deep learning at Nvidia GPU tech conference on 10.10.2017 in Munich. The topic is about GDPR discovery using text mining. EU new privacy regulation requires all companies to understand what personal information they hold about EU citizens. They also need consent from each person to keep holding such information. In […]

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Predictive powers are essential for running a successful business

We all have predictive powers We can create hypothetical future scenarios in our minds, estimate probabilities, and make forecasts. Without these abilities, life would be an endless string of surprises. But, it isn’t. The world around us consists of patterns that we are able to model and simulate with some level of accuracy. These predictive […]

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